On February 20, 1897, eight local women met to plan for a proposed chapter of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution.

The NSDAR National Board of Management had appointed Mrs. Daniel F. Wells organizing chapter regent on January 6, 1897. Mrs. Josiah Carpenter of Manchester, New Hampshire, was serving as State Regent of the New Hampshire DAR.

The members of the fledgling chapter considered naming the chapter after Jacob Elliot, the grandfather of the organizing regent. However, it was noted in the minutes of the first meeting that, "if the chapter took the name of some person and hereafter another chapter should be formed, calling itself the 'Exeter,' would not the second, on account of its name, have a certain prestige which would not belong to the first?"

And, since Exeter had been the capital of New Hampshire during the Revolutionary War, it was decided to adopt "Exeter" as the name. Thus, Exeter Chapter NSDAR was formally organized on April 13, 1897. The Old Garrison House was the headquarters for a number of years.

The charter was authorized by the National Society in May of 1897, and signed by the members on June 15 of that year.

Sarah J. J. Wells (Mrs. Daniel F.) 1897-1898
Evelyn M. Mack (Mrs. William B.) 1898-1899
Miss Sarah C. Clark 1899-1902
Miss Katherine L. Morrill 1902-1903
Emily J. Hooper (Mrs. George) 1903-1904
Eldora L. H. Walker (Mrs. Noah H.) 1904-1906
Grace D. Hilliard (Mrs. George W.) 1906-1908
Alice M. Batchelder (Mrs. James H.) 1908-1910
Miss Elizabeth H. Baker 1910-1912
Kate M. Hatch (Mrs. Clinton) 1912-1914
Mary E. Chase (Mrs. Samuel P.) 1914-1916
Betsey H. Quimbly (Mrs. David.) 1916-1918
Dr. Alice M. Chesley-Lambert 1918-1920
Mary H. Mifflin (Mrs. Charles W.) 1920-1922
Amy G. N. Selleck (Mrs. George H.) 1922-1924
Lena S. Day (Mrs. Herbert C.) 1924-1927
Miss Emily S. Spring 1927-1929
Dorothy M. Norwell (Mrs. Edward E.) 1929-1931
Sarah D. Marston (Mrs. N. Dearborn) 1931-1933
Ethel A. Dana (Mrs. Frank H.) 1933-1935
Miss Edith Green 1935-1937
Louise S. Towle (Mrs. Clinton A.) 1937-1939
Laura G. Wadleigh (Mrs. Laurence E.) 1939-1941
Eulalie Y. Pearson (Mrs. Oscar W.) 1941-1943
Maude B. Richards (Mrs. Edward H.) 1943-1945
Rosalie F. Hatch (Mrs. Albert R.) 1945-1947
Edith L. Brown (Mrs. Frank E.) 1947-1949
Mary C. Junkins (Mrs. F. Leroy) 1949-1951
Ethel A. Dana (Mrs. Frank H.) 1951-1953
Elizabeth J. Story (Mrs. George W., Jr.) 1953-1955
Edith L. Brown (Mrs. Frank E.) 1955-1958
Hester A. H. Jewell (Mrs. Charles E.) 1958-1962
Miss Martha G. Whitney 1962-1965
Mildred P. Wood (Mrs. Edward G.) 1965-1968
Madeline C. Smith (Mrs. Charles O.) 1968-1971
Katherine M. Bullard (Mrs. Scott A.) 1971-1974
Shirley B. Thivierge (Mrs. Raymond J.) 1974-1977
Barbara B. Cooper (Mrs. Robert A.) 1977-1980
Miss Martha G. Whitney 1980-1986
Mary P. Swart (Mrs. John W.) 1986-1989
Katherine M. Bullard (Mrs. Scott A.) 1989-1992
Bea W. Dalton (Mrs. Michael J.) 1992-1995
Jeanne G. Higgins (Mrs. John F.) 1995-1999
Shirley B. Thivierge (Mrs. Raymond J.) 1999-2001
Ann T. Morton (Mrs. Donald J.) 2001-2004
Halcyon Hobbs Springer (Mrs. Charles F.) 2004-2007
Wendy Stanley Jones (Mrs. H. Turner, III) 2007 -2010
Cyndee O. Anderson (Mrs. Brian J.) 2010-2013
Susan W. O'Leary (Mrs. Kevin J.) 2013-2016
Carol A. Welch (Mrs. David A.) 2016